Quality Policy

To supply products that will consistently exceed customer's expectations and to become a preferred supplier due to excellence in Quality and Service.


To maintain an environment that will foster teamwork and provide for continuous improvement thereby achieving Total Quality in all activities of the organization.



MWay Water Purifier will be synonymous with Innovation & Technology in its chosen fields of business activities.


MWay Water Purifier will excel in Quality & Services to be in consonance with Global Standards.



Continuously maximizing the growth by manufacturing and marketing best quality products that go into daily life.



MWay Water Purifier shall adhere to the rules & principles with respect to environmental considerations when fulfilling its main objectives of developing, producing and selling products & systems.


MWay Water Purifier shall implement its business decisions in an environmentally responsible and caring manner relative to its Employees, Customers and Communities.


Environment activities of Verma Home Appliances shall be proactive and aimed at pollution prevention and continual improvement on environmental performance.


Products & Manufacturing processes shall be energy efficient and their environmental impact shall be reduced without compromising the safe functioning of the product.


MWay Water Purifier shall ensure that their employees are appropriately trained and motivated to apply this policy in their daily work in line with Environmental Management Programs.


Suppliers & sub-contractors shall be influenced to apply the principles of this policy.


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